I´m a guitar player obsessed with searching new formulas to express myself musically.

As a musician I have a strange ability to transform the simple and pretty into weird and odd, which can actually be a bit scary.

One of my biggest influence in music is the progressive rock from the seventies, with bands like Frank Zappa & The Mothers, Gentle Giant or King Crimson. Crude sounds but well elaborated, with complex structures that in many occasions don’t follow a logical order

razl guitarist

I´m also a Science fiction fan, especially B movies from the ’50. This hobby has enormously influenced my music, in which I usually introduce flashes of classics in this genre, even when it comes to the composition of tracks.

In fact, a few of the tracks progress in a bit of a chaotic way, although they make sense at the end, just like those movies did.

All of this seems to me a pantomime, I realize I'm out of my mind. I'm not afraid to crossing the lightning ring, but I feel weird when I see the red line.

Architecture of the absurd-Under a black cloud